copThere are plenty of designer bags out there and they’re often very expensive, but if you wanted to invest in a particular one during these Christmas holidays, what would it be? In our gallery you’ll find 20 wonderful it-bags…making such a short list hasn’t been easy at all. What do you think? What’s your iconic dream-bag?

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24 Responses to “20 Fall Winter 2015-2016 iconic designer bags to invest in”

    Can’t believe I have too of them, the Balenciaga, from 4 years ago and the Mansur Gavrel bucket.

    Reply to nottryintoohard

    La Lady Dior … Sempre stupenda … È la mia preferita.

    Reply to Elena

    I HAVE THE LV BUCKET BAG! love it it’s my fave. love your collection chiara XX

    Reply to Martha
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