poloIt might seem odd to think of a classic polo shirt as a trendy item, but believe it or not… It’s a must-have for Spring Summer 2016! This kind of shirt, which was originally designed for sports activities, will give you the casual — but still preppy — touch you wanted for your look, whether you go for a girly, sporty, or minimal style. If you would like to add it to your closet, but are still undecided as to how you could match it, take a look at our gallery: we suggest three ways to wear it. Get inspiration from that, and choose your favorite outfit.

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  • Polo shirts could be so versatile, thanks for d post. Loved every bit of it. Can polo shirts be worn with crazy denim?

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  • Great post. I love polo shirts, they can be worn with anything! I love wearing them with pleated midi skirts – I don’t know if that is just me!

    Anyway check out my blog I would be very grateful!


    Charlotte X

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