If you are already done with your winter sale shopping, but you still want to go find some bargains, and invest in something lasting, this post is just for you. We thought of 3 products that will make a difference in your outfit during the winter months, but that will still be perfect when spring comes along.

1- Mules. These are spring summer’s coolest shoes. Most brands are showcasing colorful mules, decorated with buckles, embroidery and other accessories. When to wear them? Why, always! With denim, with a monochrome look or with all-over prints… These shoes are the symbol of femininity! To wear them in winter, wear them with socks… You will be following two trends with just one gesture!


2- Off the shoulder tops. If you are brave enough to leave your shoulders uncovered, you will definitely win everyone’s hearts! Wear these tops at a cocktail party or at a special event, with tailored pants: trust us, you will impress everyone — as long as you are indoors, of course! When spring comes, get daring, and wear these tops outdoors too. Romantic, sensual details are always true winners.


3- Maxi jewellery. Picture it with a coat or a bomber jacket, with a cute beret, completing the most wintry look you can imagine: they will give us that feminine touch we all love and that we often lose in winter.

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