Composit - Geek Fashion AccessoriesIn the iperconnected world of today, combining functionality and beauty is not always very easy. Not every tech accessory available on the market succeeds in being cool…but the exceptions ended up right in this wishlist for our future shopping. Here are our top 5 real geek fashionista’s accessories

WiseWear Socialite. A collection of super chic wearable tech accessories, designed by Iris Apfel, the incredible fashion icon. Every Socialite smart bracelet is able to track your activity, vibrate to notify a phone call or text message and has a safety function to alert your dear ones in case of danger. By touching the bracelet, you’ll be also able to send a text message with your location through a programmed sequence.

Ringly. If the bracelet is a bit much for you, no worries, there’s a smart ring too. Available with different precious and semi-precious stones, this accessory connects to your phone through Bluetooth and sends you alerts vibrating and with a tasteful side light.

Rebecca Minkoff Lightining Cable bracelet. Raise your hand if you are always in need of charging your iPhone! This accessory is made for you. It conceals a charger cable that you can carry at your wrist at all times, without anyone noticing. IT will be your little secret 😉

I’mUp Beauty CompactThe cutest portable battery of the moment, hidden in a compact pocket mirror and a refillable blush available in two colors of your choice. The winning detail? A round LED light that allows you to use the mirror in the dark to touch up your makeup before the next shot.

LuMee Smartphone Case. This is the LED cover used by Kim Kardashian to take her selfies. If this is not reason enough to buy it for you, then we don’t know how to convince you! Besides being cute, LuMee will also improve the few megapixel of your front camera. We’ll be waiting for your super-selfies!

Have you picked your favorite accessory? Now we can’t wait to know what you think!

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