With the arrival of Fall and the temperatures getting colder and colder, you feel like staying home more, sipping on a hot tea, under the cover and with the company of a nice book. Why not a fashion book! We selected 5 recently released ones that are  definite must-have and that will keep you company during your moments of relax. Enjoy reading!

The Woman I Wanted To Be, Diane von Furstenberg (Simon & Schuster, 15,91 dollars). She needs no introduction: she is simply one of the most influential and fascinating women of the fashion system. Her book narrates her long journey to become the woman she is today, the story of her career and personal thoughts. A sort of introspective path of someone who really made it!

Blood Beneath the Skin, Andrew Wilson (Scribner, 27,85 euros). When in February 2010 he took his own life at the age of  40, Alexander McQueen left an unfillable void in the world of fashion, because he was the most visionary designer of modern time. This book represents a very intimate tribute (his family contributed to its realisation) to his tormented genius, that illustrates with lucidityits depression but also his incredible career that lead him to become among the favorite designers of international stars.

Philip Treacy, Philip Treacy (Rizzoli, $72,36). His face or name might not be too familiar to most but his pieces surely are. He is , in fact, the creator of the most peculiar hats chosen by world famous models and celebrities…and even royals! During his career he designed hats for Chanel, Valentino and Givenchy shows: the book collects all of them in a mix of art, fashion and talent.

Giorgio Armani, Giorgio Armani (Rizzoli, 136 euros). Welcome to the magic world of Armani! Let’s be clear: King Giorgio is a living icon…so on a fashionista’s bookshelf this autobiography that narrates his 40 years of career through written and photographic memories that also explore his childhood with confessions and private and  unreleased images with family members and friends.

My Journey, Donna Karan (Ballantine Books, $16,50). Another strongly introspective and intimate book that, as the title indicates, illustrates the story of a woman that lived her life to the fullest, loved deeply and never stopped dreaming despite a turbulent and unhappy childhood. Almost a stream of consciousness, a intimate narration of how she succeeded in becoming an internationally known fashion designer and of her constant research of inner peace. A book we should read, that encourages us to never give up!

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