cover regali assurdiIf buying presents it’s a difficult task, choosing an original one for someone who already has everything, it’s even harder. If the issue isn’t the budget but, instead, is finding an unconventional idea, we are here for you! We thought of 5 gifts for someone who just wishes to be surprised.

1. A personal secretary able to get anything you desire. A VIP pass for a concert that has been sold out for months. a reservation for the day after at that restaurant where there’s an year-long waiting list, a meticulously organized trip in which all you have to do is pack your bags. If what he/she wishes to find under the tree is the possibility of “having everything right away”, then the the perfect gift is a Quintessentially membership; a sort of personal concierge with “magic powers” capable of making you have everything you desire.

2. Inviting a celeb to his party. If his biggest dream is having his most beloved popstar singing his favorite song, then do not hesitate: contact a celebrity agency like Degy Entertainement and make this party unforgettable!

3. An extraordinary experience. Like drawing your house’s wallpaper with a contemporary designer, having dinner served by a starred chef in the Royal Botanical gardens of Kew, visiting a museum in absolute solitude and maybe sleep in one of its rooms. If you think this is the typical emotion you would like your love ones to experience, then the website you should click on is Truly Experiences.

4. A star named after him/her. What’s more romantic than looking at the sky at nigh thinking one of those little lights up there is dedicated to us? In order to make this happen, you’ll just have to take a look at the astral chart and choose, maybe picking a star that is part of his/her zodiac sign. So lovely!

5. Celebrities memorabilia. The shirt worn by Nadal at the Australian Open, Mike Tyson’s gloves, an autographed poster of Led Zeppelin. For the perfect gift for a collector of treasures, keep monitoring Charity Star, where unique pieces that belonged or have been customized by music, sport, film or entertainment celebrities are auctioned every week. The extra: every single object sold contributes to the funding of a charitable cause!

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