Hiking boots in the city? Even though it might sound odd, by looking at the streetstyle, it seems like a real trend. In the coolest cities, during the past few years, we’ve been noticing clothes and accessories that are usually associated with mountain sportswear (but also borrowed from traditional German/Austrian clothing) taken out of context to be matched with “normal” wear and used everyday.
An example? After ski boots or hiking boots matched with something ultra-feminine or very basic to create an undoubtedly cool contrast, maybe with hair in a ponytail or braids? What do you think? For us Alpine chic is an absolute trend for the upcoming Fall Winter 2015-2016!

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    I love the most timberland boots. In my opininion they are casual, classic, good quality. They are good to sport or elegant outfit. Ideally!

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    the brown ones are the most versatile

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