Is the new season already pushing you to look for a new bag? Do you already have something in mind? Before you make a decision and just end up heading straight to the store, have a look at the current trends… You will see that the coolest bags around right now are vintage ones!

Being fashion lovers doesn’t mean having every single new thing designers come up with, actually, it means knowing how to pick what will always stay with you, without changing with every trend. Start the search for your new favorite bag in vintage stores: there is no better, more satisfying treasure than an iconic, exclusive bag… Just look at Kendall Jenner and her neverending collection of vintage bags: even if she could really have any bag she wants, she always goes for one that defines her style with an exclusive touch.

You think your mum’s bags are old school? They absolutely aren’t, they are actually a treasure you should try to borrow as soon as possible… And that you should never give back, if you can, lol! If we almost convinced you, but you still need a little nudge in addition to Kendall’s street style, have a look at Chiara‘s Instagram account: you will notice her love for vintage bags there, too!

We chose a selection of the coolest bags to look for right now for our gallery, and we included belt bags, short-strap sling bags, fabric and leather bags, monogram print bags and much more! If you are curious, stop wasting your time right now, and go have a look at our gallery!

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