cover black fridayJust 2 days left and then…let hell break loose! There’s just a few days left until Black Friday and here at the The Blonde Salad, we can’t wait for the midnight of Thursday to try to grab one of the items we’ve set our eyes on for a while! We obviously don’t know for sure what will be on sale, but our ideas are very clear: we know what we want and what we need. We confessed our wishes to one another and we decided to share them with you. Here is our wishlist with the 20 items we’d like to buy during Black Friday 2015. What’s on your list?

1. A simple down jacket with an essential silhouette (Gregorio)
2. A colorful faux-fur coat (Francesca)
3. An iWatch (Carolina)
4. A pair of limited edition shoes (Vincenzo)
5. An ultra-light trolley suitcase for the weekends (Gregorio)
6. A sexy and super chic lingerie set (Francesca)
7. A flight to a warm destination (Carolina)
8. An oversize and light coat for mid-season (Vincenzo)
9. An ultra tech and light digital camera with a vintage look (Gregorio)
10. A pair of beautiful Chelsey Boots (Francesca)
11. A comfortable sofa bed for my new home (Carolina)
12. A design sweater (Vincenzo)
13. An art book (Gregorio)
14. Some retro-style plates to add to my collection (Francesca)
15. A Go Pro camera (Carolina)
16. A pair of classic and timeless jeans (Vincenzo)
17. A pair of derby shoes (Gregorio)
18. A fun and precious ring (Francesca)
19. A rigorously medium-large statement bag with shoulder strap (Carolina)
20. An ultra flat plasma TV  (Vincenzo)


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