partydressThe weekend is approaching, you planned a night at the club with your girlfriends, but you have no idea what to wear? Then, we suggest opting for a dress: mini or midi, black or colorful, this is a winning piece that will display your most sexy-chic side. If you don’t feel comfortable with dresses that are too short, wear dark stockings that will add a touch of  comfort and will make you feel more free to dance all night long! In our gallery you’ll find 25 of our favorite party dresses for this  Fall Winter 2015-2016. What’s yours?


37 Responses to “Party dresses: our favorite ones for Fall Winter 2015-2016”

  • Great inspo ! the amareican apparel velvet dress could look amazing with a fur coat in my opinion 🙂

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  • All of the dresses look amazing ! the American Apparel velvet one would look so good with a faux fur coat.
    Thanks for that post !

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  • I love the black American Apparel dress because you can dress it up with a lot of accessories x

    Reply to JokeValerie

    loved the selection

    Reply to Nadin
  • I am such a sucker for the Self Portrait dresses, so in love with their designs! That would be my favorite. But I also adore the Nookie one. It’s not too short, has long sleeves but the lace up details are sexy.

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