If you think you can rely on anything in fashion, think again, because that is usually not the case in this world. New trends keep popping up like mushrooms, surprise us with new ideas, amaze us by innovating the old, and have an influence on pretty much everything, from our beauty ideals to our must-have lists, to our feel for aesthetics. Something great can turn into a flop before you know it, and our heart starts beating in excitement for things that would have caused a flight reaction in us just a while ago.

Take eyeglasses, for instance. Those of us who had to wear them in school were often teased or bullied, or got labelled as nerds. The only consolation for glass-wearing students was that it would have been a lot worse if they had to wear braces — and let’s not think about what happened if you had to wear both at the same time! Nowadays, wearing braces is still not cool, but everyone wears glasses — especially self-respecting fashion-minded people.

And we mean eyeglasses here, not sunglasses! Sometimes even people who don’t need them for medical reasons wear them — the priority shifted, from seeing well to actually looking good. This is why the new models come in such a wide range of colors and shapes, going from bright red to perfectly round or XXL frames. Eyeglasses, once the scarlet letter of nerdiness, are now a must-have accessory, the kind of item you add on to your Christmas wishlist. Crazy, you say? As far as we are concerned, we will try to be reasonable, and stick to our favorite models. That said, you feel free to browse the new collection!

Pilot glasses. Girls who need a bit of adventure in their lives, these are definitely for you. T-bar aviator glasses don’t only come as sunglasses anymore, you can wear them daily. Yaaay! Ready to take off?

Red. We all know that love makes us see the world through rose-tinted glasses, right? Well, now you can even get red-hot ones! A little tip for blue-eyed readers: since red and blue are complementary colors, any red frame will bring out your eyes beautifully.

Pastel. Those of you who would like to live inside a Ladurée patisserie and never leave will love these Puderrosa glasses in pretty pastel colors, ranging from cream to blue-grey… They look almost as delicious as those delicious Ladurée macarons.

Round. No, you don’t have to be Harry Potter to wear these perfectly round glasses. They will look very good on us, too, actually, especially if we create a contrast by wearing them with red lipstick and messy hair.

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