SUNGLASSES2For many years, we’ve considered them items that complicated our lives. This season, instead, people wearing glasses got their style revenge: Fall Winter 2015/2016 shows elected optical glasses as the coolest accessory of the year so much so that many unexpected short-sighted people left their contact lenses behind embracing geek glasses. And, let’s be honest, many also bought frames with neutral lenses just for the sake of wearing them! Here at TheBlondeSalad there are many wearers and we absolutely love them! Here our favorite eyewear styles of the season. What are yours?

P.S. Want some tips on how to do your makeup with glasses? Head over to our guide.


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16 Responses to “Eyewear trends: the best optical glasses for Winter 2015-2016”

  • Wow, how beautiful the sunglasses, and unique. I loved the pattern and mixed colour, that’s like an art.

    I think online shopping is the best way to shop for this accessory.

    Great Work 

    Reply to John louis
  • Who knew there were so many different frames for glasses, I sure didn’t. I just found out that my eyes need them. I’m just a little worried about picking the style I want. There’s so many to choose from, what are some deciding factors I should look at?

    Reply to Jessie Harrison

    Absolutely hideous. Most of them look the same, hooray. You can make your selection from ugly or uglier. Not a good time to be an eyeglass wearer.

    Reply to Kaeko

    I really love well shaped over sized frames! I have oversized features on my face (big eyes, lips, nose) so oversized frames minimize those features and looks cute!

    Reply to Heather

    the dior ones are awesome

    Reply to Nadin
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