Fuchsia is generally seen as a loud color, the kind that is good for summer, and hard to create outfits with. So… Is there anything we missed? We are wondering, because designers this year decided to forget all preconceptions, and decided to place very strong, contrasting nuances on their catwalks for our winter looks — including fuchsia. So, you would like to try but you’re not too sure? Why not try with a classic suit, with just a pair of fuchsia Gucci moccasins, or go for total black or total denim, and match that to a fuchsia Chanel bag? Or just make everyone fall in love with J. Crew‘s fuchsia suits! If you would like to try this trendy color, here are some of the coolest items to inspire you for Fall Winter 2016 2017. We just adore it! Don’t you?

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