salepiecesWhat’s cool and what’s not? But mostly, what can we buy that is cool this Fall Winter 2015-2016 and will still be current next winter, taking advantage of the sales. The answer is here below! We selected for you 10 items to invest in between clothing and accessories that are wardrobe must-haves for a true fashionista.

Fake Fur Coat. They’re beautiful, soft at touch and very warm. Why not trying a super colorful one? It will give a fun touch to every outfit you’ll wear.

Beret. We believe it’s the new beanie. It’s not just chic, but it also gives the right retro touch we love so much.

A monogram fabric bag. The fact that Alessandro Michele did a good job with the restyling of Gucci is clear to all. Especially when it comes to reinstating the GG logo fabric: get yourself one (or even better, go through your mom’s closet!). You will see a lot around for a while.

Acetate maxi glasses. Perfect after a challenging evening, even more if tortoise shell ones or just with a super Seventies style .

A pleated midi skirt. If you still haven’t bought one, it’s time to make up for it. Dare with gold, silver or laminated.

The Perfecto. A wardrobe must-have. Have you ever thought of buying an oversize one? It has a supercool effect.

Something by Vetement. In the past few season it has become a reference brand for trendsetters and its designer, Demna Gvasalia, has just been appointed Balenciaga Creative Director. Considering the prices, buying something during the sales it’s mandatory. Just know it will be a great investment for the future of your wardrobe.

Cowboy boots. To rigorously buy with worn effect or straight out of a vintage store.

Suede Pants. Let’s admit it, we are fans of the Lederhosen. A difficult piece that is definitely not for everyone, yet, suede is super cool also for many other styles like flared of wide-legged pants. Listen to us, trying them on and buying them during the sales it’s definitely worth it. To the most daring ones, we suggest searching through the best flea markets in your area; you might find little treasures!

A knitted vest. Maybe braided or with a deep V neck. To wear with a shirt or with a contrasting T-shirt for a rock twist. Too cold? Go for a high-neck sweater to wear underneath, but watch out: the sleeves  will have to be short for a super sophisticated effect.

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