Ah, Scandinavian girls, with their natural skills to create amazing looks even with the simplest of things — that kind of look that looks way too basic on us when we try to replicate it. They just have that minimalist, essential flair even when they are wearing something eccentric, they stand out in the crowd but without making any noise, and their cool, always appropriate style is totally inspiring for us, even though it is hard to reproduce it without recurring to the usual, super famous brands.

How to copy the cool style of Scandinavian girls, while trying to stay original, while we integrate their style into ours? The solution is to shop online, of course: even though we might not have the time or the money to find brands and inspiration to compose our own Scandinavia-inspired closet, we can still have a look on Instagram and on the many e-commerce websites that may not be very well known, but that could be very interesting for us and our wardrobe.

Seezona is definitely a name you should keep in mind: it’s Scandinavia’s first luxury marketplace, which lets users go scouting for what they want, allowing them to buy brands that might bevery hard to find otherwise. Users can also use picture recognition technology to find similar items across different price points and styles, compose moodboards and outfits that they can share on social networks, or save into their Seezona account.

The site originally worked as an attractive place for a community of fashionistas who wished  to share and find inspiration together. Seezona developed more and more over the years, allowing users to  start shopping, thanks to its commercial partnerships, and now it’s developing even further, by becoming a luxury e-commerce site itself. The brands it will sell will come from all over the world, from Sweden to Australia as well as from the Middle East, and its selection aims at mixing established names with other, more experimental labels, to build a balanced, original look.

Stylish room is definitely their plus: it allows you to create an avatar that looks just like you, on which you can virtually try on all clothing, so you can avoid any negative surprises if you don’t know the size range of a certain brand. So efficient, so Scandinavian: we had no doubt!

Seezona is still a work in progress so jump on the website to register and be among the first to access the new shopping experience and stay tuned for the big reveal.

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