barcaIf you booked a sailing vacation and you are not sure on what to wear, you’ve come to the right place! Since you won’t be on the beach for most of the time you can bring your most beautiful and delicate beachwear with you, acting like a diva on the bow with the wind blowing through your hair. Any tips on how to dress on a boat trip? To show how chic and cool you are you will need to pack 4 must-haves: the first and most important is the sunscreen (health always comes first); then you will need a one-piece swimsuit, an oversized flowy dress and a striped set. Headbands, large sunglasses and laced sandals are surely the necessary accessories you must not forget at home to complete the look! Have fun and get inspired (if you can resist summer sales!We can’t!)

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    I love all the items!!! Sailing vacation is my dream, but for now I’ll have to live without it

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