pool partyYou have received the invitation for the first pool party of the season in one of these hotels and you have no idea what to wear? You are not alone. When it comes to themed parties, in fact, there are two types of people: those who immediately start thinking about their outfit to take the best pictures of the event and who, as soon as invited, thinks “Couldn’t they organize a simpler party with no dress code?”. Finding the right outfit could seem hard but at least in case of a pool party, it’s easier than you think! You are free to choose whatever makes you feel more comfortable, following just one golden rule: DRESS TO IMPRESS. A pool party is not the time to work on your tan, so take advantage of the situation and wear the California Girl’s dresses and accessories we see in the movies. The favorite items include: sunglasses that won’t let you go unnoticed, micro shorts and crop tops, colourful swimsuits (bikinis or one-pieces), sandals and slippers and the must have is the hat or the flower headband. Here is our selection, enjoy!


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    We Love the white costume from Isabel Marant <3

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