rainy_dayWhen you think summer is finally here, but the weather surprises you with a rainy day, it might look like something small, but a girl knows it’s a real problem. We know how difficult it is to choose what to wear in such occasions, but fortunately there are some tips to remember that will surely be helpful. You should not be too covered or too light; it’s better to leave delicate things that could be ruined by the rain at home ( but don’t even think about wearing ugly items of your wardrobe, you should always look pretty even when outside it’s pouring!). Don’t get your hair done right before going out, it will not last half an hour;). We suggest the safe way, wearing closed-toe shoes, either classic lace-ups or a pair of sneakers and then, depending on the temperature in your city, you can wear a dress or a pair of jeans + T-shirt. Never forget to carry a light denim jacket or a comfortable trench to wear in case the sun surprises you again. Here is the gallery with our favorite pieces! What do you think?

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    I prefer to wear dresses and skirts when the day is rainy. Jeans are getting too wet and it takes a lot of time to make them dry.

    I love your beauty, Chiara. Kisses :*

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    Seriously? It’s pouring rain on a hot summer day so I’m going to carry a $3,000 handbag, put on my $500 rabbit felt hat, my linen shoes, and a lacy white dress. Is this supposed to be “what to wear on a rainy summer day when you’re going directly from your building into an Uber?” Reality check, table 1.

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