jane birkinJane Birkin, actress and style icon of the 1970’s, is also known for the very famous Hermès bag named after her. In 1984, in fact, the beautiful model was flying from Paris to London and finding herself right next to the designer of the accessories of the House, she shared her troubles in finding a bag spacious enough that could also be elegant and perfect for any occasion. Jean-Louis Dumas designed it and since then the bag has been bearing her name. But this could change: as you have probably read, in fact, Jane Birkin has officially asked Hermès to remove her last name from the bag, after watching a documentary that showed the cruelty suffered by animals to obtain the leather. The legendary Birkin will then take another name? Fans can rest assured: the Maison, in fact, has promptly responded declaring its own shock and ordering inspections to shine light on the suppliers seen in the documentary and confirm that they are actually those involved in the production of their accessories and punish violations of the regulations for the treatment exotic animals. In the meantime we want to pay tribute to a great artist who made us dream with her movies and her incomparable style with a shopping gallery that illustrates her most beautiful ones.

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  • I love Jane Birkin! Her style and her bangs! I tried to pull off her bangs, but obviously couldn’t do it like her. If you want to know more about fashion, trends, how tos, and travel, check out http://www.svadore.com

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  • I love Jane Birkin and her style. Such a classic, and those bangs…amazing! I tried to pull them off, but couldn’t do as well as her. If you want to know more about fashion, how tos, trends and travel, check out http://www.svadore.com

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