nyfwFashion month has officially began and there is only one doubt: if we are so lucky to have an invitation, what should we wear on this occasion? And…what NOT to? Without any doubt this is our advice: be yourself and don’t overdo it. Less is more, always. In the gallery you’ll find some outfits we selected for you, from total vintage, to low cost and latest collection and a mix of the three. Always remember to wear your best smile; you can’t buy that anywhere and, most of all…have fun!

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  • I think the most important part of dressing for Fashion Week is to wear something that not only makes you feel confident, but also something that’s comfortable since you’ll be moving around a lot 🙂
    Just upping your normal wardrobe with a few key/trend pieces and you’ve got yourself a killer outfit <3

    xo, elizabeth t.


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