parentsThe moment to meet your boyfriend’s family has come and you don’t know what to wear for a good first impression? Don’t panic, we know how much the situation can frighten you, but luckily there are a few basic direction you can count on (besides your charm of course!) in order to make you the perfect daughter-in-law. The main rule is to never exaggerate: even if you love colors, remember to balance them using both bold shades and neutral ones; if you have a very girly style and you love miniskirts, wear dark socks and maybe a high-neck sweater. If you love to wear more casual looks, always try to add an item that will bestow a chic touch to your outfit. And if you are a bit posh, remember to add something basic to your look…you wouldn’t want to give your mother-in-law a feeling of superiority! In the gallery you’ll find 5 different outfit suggestions to go meet your boyfriend’s family. Pick yours!

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    Lovelies !!! must see 🙂

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    woo loving it

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    Todo esta re lindo. Solo me falta el novio 🙁

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    all great ideas! I don’t remember what I wore to meet my boyfriends family for the first time — I do know that the first time I met them I stayed with them for a week which was intense

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