Sandals play a special role when it comes to footwear. They are no normal shoes, they are way more: a puff piece for femininity, a glorious staging of bare skin and a total feeling of freedom (for our feet, at least). In case you still have any doubts, keep on reading. We promise: after this article you will realize that sandals are true fashion allrounders. No more stuffing them in the back of your closet because of cold weather… just wear them with little socks! Not wearing them at the office because they look too laidback? Nonsense! We will show you the perfect sandal you need to look appropriate. Not buying them because you don’t like your toes? Get a pedicure! You can even choose a matching color. See? There is no reason not to love sandals, on the contrary, so keep on scrolling, and discover which pair of sandal will suit each situation.

The perfect sandals for a city trip

If you’re planning to walk all day to explore a city on foot, your shoes will have to be comfortable. Have you ever tried spending a summer day walking around in sneakers? Thanks, but no thanks. Your feet need to breathe! The only option: sandals. Just make sure you pick a pair that is a good fit for your feet, has a comfy sole and that will not make you suffer from blisters.

The perfect sandals for a open air concert

Open-air concert? Cool. How nice that this literally includes the dress code in the name of the event: open-to-the-air! That means for us: Find a pair o sandals that is less shoe than air.


The perfect heels for a coffee with the girls

Sundays were made for coffee and girl talk! And you will show up in your new pair of sandals, come rain or shine: just wear some cute socks if you think it might be too cold for bare feet. Otherwise, don’t show up in sky-high heels, though if you feel like dressing up a little, comfy block heels might be the perfect match.

The perfect sandals for a cocktail party

It’s Friday and this ice cold gin tonic is calling your name. A cocktail party is just the perfect occasion for a beautiful summer dress, and what would look best with that? Sandals, of course. Sandals with heels, for instant sex appeal. So, embrace the situation and go crazy with fabrics and the shape of your heels: velvet, metallic, sparkles, there is no rule. It’s now or never!

The perfect sandals for the office

Sandals in the office? Yes you can! But only those you would never wear to the beach. Which means, they need to look sophisticated! Our fashion advice: rather go for sandals with a clean, minimalist design. Avoid high heels or fancy accessories, and go for sober colors. This will make you look urban, chic and professional.

The perfect sandals for a barbecue party

Summer means it’s time to barbecue! Which means… watch out, girls, this party will probably take place outside. To avoid getting stuck with your heels in the grass, think twice before choosing the perfect pair of shoes for a bbq party. The most important thing is to choose your sole carefully, it has to be flat and hard. While this might not sound sexy, believe us: it can be!

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