seventies1The fabulous 70’s are not that far, as we can see in every magazine or when shopping on one of our favorite e-commerce websites. Flared jeans, fringes, suede, lace, flowers and combinations of flashy colors are in fact back for this season, reviving this truly unique decade that goes from the hippies to the disco music. In today’s shopping section we thought about what an icon of the time would have rocked for a super duper cool summer. Don’t you feel a bit like Jane Birkin already? 😉

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  • Honestly, the best way to get the ’70s look is buy authentic ’70s fashion by thrifting. Actual pieces from this era are very accessible at vintage/thrift stores for a variety of prices. Plus, you can easily tailor them to fit your figure. It will look like couture without the hefty price tag. A lot of my pieces I own are from the ’70s and I customize it with modern pieces. It also helps to have a mom who was a frequent visitor of Studio 54. <3

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