When I get asked what I do for a living, I always ends up in feeling like an exotic animal in a zoo, or a nice painting in a museum. The sentence “I’m a fashion editor” instantly makes everybody check me out from head to toe, suddenly noticing fancy details or discovering brand new colors and patterns. And then they say: «Ahh, sure! I should have known!». Really? Well, it might be true that being a fashion editor comes with certain expectations. For instance, you’re supposed to be the first to spot – and to adopt – all the new fashion trends. You’re supposed to know Paris and New York like the back of your hand. You’re also supposed to always look stunning. This might sound absolutely glamorous, but to be honest, it doesn’t always match reality, because first of all, even fashion editors have to put their garbage out too, occasionally, and trust me, we don’t do this in our high heels. Actually, my neighbor told me once that it took him a week to understand that the stunning fashionista leaving in the morning (me) was the same as the boyish girl he spotted at night, wearing a baseball cap, sneakers and oversized sweatpants – also me. Secondly, being in New York twice a year is great – but if you just get to see your hotel, the inside of a succession of cabs and all the main catwalk spots you won’t really feel like you know the city. Third, the salary of a fashion editor is not necessarily enough for her to afford a wardrobe made exclusively of designer pieces.

After all these utterly non-glamorous revelations, you might be wondering, how do fashion editors still manage to maintain their outstanding style, then? The answer is pretty simple: we do smart shopping! We are fearless! And, we are creative. So, if you feel like you could use some fashion hacks to pimp up your wardrobe, keep on reading: we’re about to reveal some of our shopping secrets.

First trick: how not to look like a Zara girl, wearing Zara
We admit it, fashion editors are as Zara addicted as every other girl on this world. But we know how not look like a Zara girl even when we wear Zara. How could this possibly work? First of all: never go for the obvious. Zara put a piece in the window? Don’t get anywhere close to it, because everybody will know where it comes from. Rather go through the stuff hanging at the back of the store, and never forget to check out online offers: they sometimes have pieces you will never find in any boutique!

Second trick: go for quirky pieces nobody looks at
Some pieces, like transparent dresses, minimalist clothes or volant pants, need a creative mind and a little imagination to be worn in a fashionable way. Mainstream shoppers would never buy them because they seem too complicated or too crazy. So, if you see a piece with character, go for it!

Third trick: know if a piece is worth its money
Always think about how often you would wear a piece. This is the best way to figure out what you should invest money in — or not. Are you thinking about a basic blazer, a leather jacket or a bag that you could easily wear for a few seasons? Go for designer pieces, they will be worth the investment! If you develop a crush on a neon pink fur coat that you might only wear twice, though, honestly, you’d better go to Zara.

Fourth trick: invest in accessories
Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to spending money is the basic rule fashion editors all agree with: be clever, and invest in accessories more than in clothes. A stunning pair of heels, a designer bag or amazing jewellery will make every outfit look expensive, which is not the case when you wear Gucci pants with old sneakers and a cheap looking handbag, right?

Last trick: use your scissors, go to vintage stores, be creative
Last but not least, the secret in looking unique and outstanding lies in wearing fearless outfits that mix both designer pieces and no name brands, as well as vintage treasures and Zara clothes. We can even embellish pieces with some do-it-yourself hacks if we feel like it. Love your jeans but you’d like them shorter? Just cut them yourself! This way you will make sure that nobody will ever look like you. Promise!

Check out our fashion editors shopping list to get some inspiration!

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    Very good! I used to do this!
    Thanks a lot❤

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  • Love this! One of our favorite things to do is to go to super weird and ‘off the beaten path’ vintage places and finding cool things. Sometimes inspiration comes from unlikely places….

  • Great post! Mix & match with brand, no name, vintage & a little DIY is always a winner!!! Thx!!! 🙂

    Reply to Priscille
  • I love the post I find very interesting and above all very educational about shopping greeting

    Reply to andrea
  • Perché ancora io non sia una fashion editor non lo so, lo ignoro. Io tutte queste cose le faccio già, appunto perché non posso permettermi le grandi marche.
    Comprare da Zara senza sembrare ragazze Zara ( fantastico ), anche da Oviesse e tanti altri low cost.
    Comprare i pezzi che nessuno si sognerebbe di indossare ( lo faccio normalmente ), a volte rimangono nel armadio per un bel po’ finché viene fuori l’illuminazione.
    Accessori ( la cosa più importante secondo me ), di grande effetto con qualunque otufit.
    Infine bellissimo articolo, di qualità. Grazie!

    Reply to Vanina
      • TBS CREW

        Grande Vanina, sicuramente sono trucchetti che non ti cambiano la vita ma te la facilitano un po’ se non hai un grande budget…è il problema di tutte noi 😉

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  • I love the point about staying away from pieces used in window displays. I like pieces not everyone has!
    Tasha Juli

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  • Loving these tips! I love Zara but sometimes I shy away from it because of how many people get the same exact pieces!
    Agnes x


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