High heels are THE feminine accessory par excellence: they make your legs look beautiful, and with jeans, they just drive us crazy! Until a while ago, I wasn’t a fan of heels and never even thought about them, when the time came to create my looks. Lately, though, I really feel like wearing them — maybe because they really became a day trend, and they give a sensual, feminine touch to even the simplest outfit? There is just one problem: I can’t walk on them. I realize it might sound ridiculous, but it is even harder to do that in Europe, where roads are just not 10-cm-heels friendly. Some girlfriends tell me that  it’s all a matter of habit and practice, but I tried, and I really don’t think high heels are for me. I really wish I could use that emoji in which a monkey covers her eyes right now! Risking your ankles every two meters is also not an alternative, so the ideal solution might be to focus on more feasible heel heights, like mid-heels, low heels and block heels. Sure, they aren’t the beautiful heels we see in the movies, but if you choose the right ones, and go for peculiar-looking ones, you will still look feminine and sensual. I really studied all types very well by now… If you’re part of the club,  have a look at my ideas, divided by type. What do you think?

Try the mid heel!

The block heel is also a good idea!
If you prefer something more delicate, mini heels are so romantic!

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