Surely everybody would agree that style is something Italian fashionistas have in their blood. They are basically born with good taste and a sense for quality. But are they really the only ones? Let’s put aside some old-fashioned clichés like german girls only wear Birkenstocks or English fashionistas always dressing like cheap pin ups or that French girls only wear black. Let’s go for a fashion tabula rasa and have a fresh look at the style potential of the other big fashion capitals in Europe. Honestly, they’re not this bad either! We say: German, English and French fashion styles are definitely worth a look, too.

They all have their own favorite pieces and their own secret fashion hacks. So if you could use a little styling inspiration from international fashion girls, just scroll down and check out our international fashionista guide below. Let’s have a peek into 3 special wardrobes and see what they are hiding in there.

7 pieces every French girl has in her closet

When it come to the famous Parisian chic, there are three rules to follow: first, look like you put no effort in your look. This means: never, ever leave your house with perfectly set hair or matching jewelry. Secondly, when in doubt, go back to basics. Nothing can look more chic than a pair of clean blue jeans and a white tee, if you choose them carefully. Third, if your outfit needs more glamour, never add glitter or accessories: just put on some red lipstick, and go conquer the world.

  1. Mariniere
  2. White oversized blouse
  3. Beige trench coat
  4. Cropped jeans
  5. Chloé bag
  6. Turtleneck sweater
  7. Foulard


7 pieces every London girl has in her closet

If there is anyone who always looks effortlessly cool, that’s the London fashionista: somehow, she always looks like she’s on her way to a fancy underground concert, or to the opening of her boyfriend’s exhibition — and of course, her boyfriend happens to be a well known alternative artist. Her styling secret? Always walk like you are wearing a Valentino gown, while sporting Dr. Martens boots instead. Wear them with fishnet tights, an old washed-out band T-shirt and, of course, always wear something with leopard print.

  1. Band shirt
  2. Fishnet tights
  3. Leopard print jacket
  4. Metallic blouson
  5. Dr. Martens boots
  6. Baseball cap
  7. Denim dress


7 pieces every German girl has in her closet

The dark times when German girls only wore Birkenstocks with socks are over. In fact, they never existed. Because regardless all the clichés about Germans being the worst dressed people on earth, there is something such as German style. And it’s much more delicate than you might expect. Actually, wearing unexpected stuff like silk dresses with sweaters or sneakers with lace has always been cool in Berlin. The only thing that has changed is that now, the whole world thinks that this is cool, too. German style is all about mixing feminine pieces with rough detailsa balance that is difficult to handle but adds an unexpected way of interpreting fashion. Interested? Have a look!

  1. Sneakers
  2. Maxidress
  3. Sport Socks
  4. Outstanding outerwear
  5. Denim jacket
  6. Sweatshirt
  7. Cowboy- or bikerboots
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