leather pantsDo you wanna know what piece of clothing all the coolest models of the moment can’t go without? Leather pants! As you’ve surely seen on Instagram, these biker pants have become a celebrities’ uniform and, as you can imagine, they’ve also become an instant trend. Skinny, relaxed o cigarette pants, they’ll all have the same effect: extremely sexy and cool. You decide wether you want to wear them with heels, sneakers or booties…either way, you won’t go unnoticed! In our gallery you’ll find some of our favorite styles for the change of season and Spring 2016. Choose yours!

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    Io li vedo rigorosamente neri e skinny … Non ci credo neppure io, ma ancora nel mio armadio mancano … DEVO averli!!! Provvederò al più presto! 😉 http://www.daoggiglam.com

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