We often make the mistake to think that the most stylish people are those who follow the latest trends, the ones who can afford to wear the trendiest clothing every season… But the truth is, it is just the contrary: good taste and a strong identity also mean that you don’t need to follow the fashion industry’s hectic pace, knowing how to revamp your favorite items, or even reinterpret trends with a personal touch, instead.

This obviously doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy what you like: I am telling you this as someone whose wardrobe is packed with clothes that were only worn once, who decided to clean up a bit last month, and who also decided to start buying more responsibly and in a smarter way — taking care of her wallet as well as her image on the way.

After a quick survey among friends, I realized that most girls I know prefer spending less on each single product, which allows them to have a larger variety of clothing, and be up to date with trends. Well… It is time we did something about this! Seasons are switching faster and faster, and trends constantly change: this implies a huge expense, and in addition to that, it also creates huge amounts of throwaway fashion that will either gather dust in your wardrobe, or get thrown or given away, every time the trend changes.

It is important to give emotional value to each product, and to understand that buying less, and buying smartly, is the way to go for fashion lovers, and for all those who would like to work on changing the system. The secret is to invest in quality, exclusive items that will last a few seasons. This doesn’t mean it has to be something expensive: vintage is a good idea, for instance. If you don’t like buying second-hand clothing, you should still focus on quality: why buy a polyester item that you’ll have to change after two washings, when you can invest in silk, which will stay in your wardrobe for years instead, in perfect condition?

Remember that styling is always key: if you are good at it, and like trying out new stuff, you will not need to update your wardrobe every week, and you will be able to play around with just a few indispensable items that really shouldn’t be missing from your season’s closet.

We gathered 10 items in our gallery that you really can’t miss for Fall Winter 2017-2018: we are sure that if you own one of each, you will be able to come up with terrific looks for the whole season! What do you think? Do you like the idea?

10 smart investments for Fall Winter 2017-2018: remember the styling is always the key! 

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