mary janeYou’ve certainly noticed how much we love Mary Jane shoes… it’s a style that never gets old! But where does this woman’s name come from? Well, it’s a tribute to Buster Brown‘s sister, the main character of the comics created by Richard Outcault in 1902! With time, the Mary Janes have become one of the most iconic and versatile styles in the history of fashion and the Brown Shoe Company still exists to this day and it’s represented by the characters of this comic strip. With high or low heel, colorful or nude, they are able to give a classy touch even to simplest of looks.  Browse through our gallery to find some of our favorite Mary Jane shoes for the Spring Summer 2016. Choose yours!

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  • Mary Janes are some of the most iconic shoes to have ever existed, and I’m glad the trend never seems to die <3 There's just something so chic yet vintage about them, and I love how they can dress up any look 🙂 Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful finds!

    XO, Elizabeth

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