mid heelsFinally trends are thinking of us; mid heels are here to stay and to say goodbye to the pain caused by uncomfortable shoes. Some think medium heels are not very young, but they are totally wrong. Based on how you match them you can create different styles: paired with a mini dress you can create a very 1970’s look; with a crop top and a pair of jeans you’ll be the coolest among your friends and if you prefer something more traditional, with a shirt and skirt you’ll have a girlish style that can never be wrong. So, do you still think the mid heel is for grandmas?

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27 Responses to “Mid heel sandals for Spring Summer 2015”

  • I used to love it , I’ve never thought that’s they are grandmas heel.
    and I think they fit with every dress not only jeans and skirt !

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  • I am in looove with this trend. You can never go wrong when you can wear heels and still be comfy and stylish!

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  • Mid heel is the way to go! Especially when my feet are protesting heels and have been wanting to go to flats. It’s weird, not wanting to wear heels anymore! I’m only 29 and never thought I’d be a “flats” girl but living in NYC and walking everywhere has made me not want to wear heels again! Either that or carry a large bag and keep the heels in there, while wearing flats out haha.


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  • I love mid heels and I think that it’s an essential item that everyone should have. Despite what some people say, midi heels look amazing x


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    Oh these crystal Miu Miu ones…I´m in love!

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