modFor some it’s a lifestyle, for others it’s a trend. In the past few months we’ve heard about “Modest Fashion” (dressing with modesty) more often. But what does this exactly mean? We live in a world in which posting a selfie on Instagram or a picture of what we are for breakfast is the ordinary. But this overexposure is perceived by some as too superficial: by overexposing ourselves so much we don’t really show our true selves. The risk is ending up showing a misrepresented version of ourselves. The answer to this inner conflict can also be found by retrieving our most authentic and feminine side through clothing. An understated style that doesn’t leave much skin uncovered, does not necessarily mean being unfashionable. It can be very powerful, due to the accurate research behind it that requires a very strong inner awareness. The secrets to this look? A skirt, midi or maxi. Those who love shorter skirts can wear them over pants: it’s a super cool solution that we often saw on the catwalks. The same goes for the top part: don’t say goodbye to crop tops and plunging necklines, play with layers instead wearing turtle necks and T-shirts maybe even with contrasting colors. Are you looking for some inspiration? Then check out the gallery that has many clothes and accessories for Fall Winter 2015-2016.



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    Wow very beautiful outfits. Thanks for sharing. Get fancy Jean Buttons apparel accessories at which can you use to make your outfits more attractive and beautiful.

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  • I’m in love with the second pair of shoes 😉

    Lily xx

    Reply to Lily

    loved your selection of shoes!

    Reply to Nadin
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