Sometimes, some things might sound like they are optional, but they’re not. They’re a must (-have). That’s exactly the case with these six amazing items that we adjudged hot, hotter, the hottest this summer 2017. Don’t have them in your wardrobe? It’s like starting your day without coffee, which, at least for me, is comparable to apocalypse, and therefore not an option.

Our must-have list will point out the fashion items that fashionistas are queuing up for right now. So be quick and grab some of this hot stuff for yourself before it’s too late!

Must-have no.1: white mules

They have been on the fashion insiders’ black list for too long. What a relief that white mules are back for good since last summer. Why do we love them? They instantly make every outfit look elaborated and quite clean-chic. Exactly what you need to have a fashionable start into the summer!


Must-have no.2: corset belts

They are the secret to look thinner in just two seconds: corset belts. Wrapped around your waist they accentuate your thinnest body part and give your silhouette an elongated feminine look. Wear them with a loose fit dress or with some nice blouses and you will never want to miss them again.


Must-have no.3: Baseball caps

You might have asked yourself this question before: how the hell do streetstyle stars always manage to look so effortlessly cool? So chic, but so laissez-faire? Here is the answer: they just grab a baseball cap and wear it with whatever outfit they chose. So easy, right?


Must-have no.4: bracelet bags

When some pieces are constantly sold out, what does that tell us? It means we need one, as soon as possible! So make sure you add the bracelet bags at Chloé’s or J.W. Anderson’s to your shopping wishlist! In the meantime, you can grab one of the more affordable alternatives in our gallery.

Must-have no.5: feminist shirts

We won’t get into explaining the fusion of feminism and fashion that completely flooded the fashion scene last season, we will just embrace it, and get ourselves one of those strong statement shirts. Because yes, dear critics: looking good is not all that matters to us, we also care about delivering a message to the world.

Must-have no.6: sockboots

Thanks to the athleisure-inspired hype Vetements brought into our fashionistas lives, there is one thing that is an absolute must-have for every girl this season. Sock boots! Yeah, they might make you totally man-proof, but is there any other shoe that looks this amazing with midi-skirts or cropped jeans? There isn’t. So go ahead girl, and get yourself one of those amazing boots.

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