swimsuitAs you might have noticed, one-piece swimsuits are in fashion again, although not everyone seems to be giving up on their bikini — maybe they think it wouldn’t flatter their figure as much? No excuses this year: there are so many designs, they can suit any body type! If you love vintage style, go for a low-cut decollete, and a high cut on the legs; if you are feeling boho, go for macrame or crocheted swimsuits. And if you are looking for something sexy for your next pool party, choose more revealing cuts, or materials. Basically… There really is something for everyone! Have a look at our gallery, where we collected a selection of our favorite designs for summer 2016. Take your pick!

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15 Responses to “One-piece swimwear: 20 models for Summer 2016”

    I love one peices as they are classic . O love the cut outs in them but for getting a slight tan u can’t beat a 2 peice , the new halter style for 2016 look hot and at least add more coverage than the triangle 2 peice that falls off in the surf!

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  • One piece swimsuits have always been popular on screen and also in real life. They are prone to fashion compared to simple two pieces.

    Reply to Adam Green
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