COVERWhat’s the secret of an outfit that works, in your opinion? Why, that’s jewellery! Have you ever noticed that? Whether it’s rings, necklaces or bracelets, accessories always give the defining touch to an outfit, transforming it from basic to cool in an instant. These jewels don’t even necessarily need to be precious: actually, it’s terrific to mix a golden bracelet with one from the market, wearing both of them on your wrist, mixing materials and origins. The more there are, the better! We are always buying new ones and wearing them any way we like, without wondering if it is okay to mix diamond and sneakers, or bead necklaces and evening gowns. How about you? Do you wear any jewellery? If you also do, have a look at our picks. We would love to have them all!

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  • Gorgeous jewelry!
    Just uploaded an outfit-post on my blog (incl. Levi’s 501 shorts and a vintage Nike sweatshirt). Why don’t you check it out? 🙂

    Xx from the Netherlands,

    Reply to Roos
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