Starting to feel  a little cold? Well, be ready to shop something that should definitely be in your wardrobe: a parka jacket! Oversized, total black, ultra feminine but also androgynous, we selected 20 of them for a super cozy Fall Winter 2015-2016.

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23 Responses to “Parka jackets: the best ones for Fall Winter 2015-2016”

    Excited for this post because I’m in the market for a parka! Faves are DSquared2 and Valentino – I’m a sucker for camo 🙂

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    @OhSewN2u on IG has some really nice parkas

    Reply to Susan
  • I LOVE Parka Jackets; they are chic and most importantly, keep you warm during the cold season! 🙂

    Reply to Silvia
  • I really like parkas and, out of all of them, I love the Asos one. I assume that it’ll be very affordable too! x

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  • I love the Saint Laurent one!! It’s perfection. And the Isabel Marant Etoile one, obviously. It is simply cool and laid back, great to mix and match.

    I basically want to live in a Parka during winter!

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