November is here, and whether we like it or not, leather jackets and trench coats aren’t enough to keep us warm anymore. This is not necessarily bad news: actually, this is a fun time for fashion lovers, who can start wearing puffer jackets, one of the coolest items of the year. After being a fashion don’t for years, they are again a must have for winter!

If you choose the right kind of puffer jacket — meaning an oversized, colorful one — you will be the queens of street style! Our tip is to waste no time thinking of what color would best suit your clothing, since the good thing about puffer jackets is that whichever color or model you choose, they will always look great, and you can never go wrong!

We picked a selection of the coolest models you can find online right now, and luckily, you can buy them all online. Don’t waste any more time, and get yours right now!

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