This year, summer has been all about large hoop earrings, 90’s style: you will have already noticed by looking at what influencers and celebrities were wearing – and even just by browsing in the stores. But with the change of season, everybody is wondering: what earrings should we be wearing this upcoming winter 2017? Go round and you can’t go wrong: spheres, hoops, discs; if it has a diameter, you’re good to go!

The Fall Winter 2017-2018 fashion shows, in fact, have featured a never-ending number of variations on your regular hoop earrings, from the Fendi coconut wood monogrammed earrings, to the Versace earrings with leather strings, to the ones with foulards by Balenciaga. But also: peace symbols (Moschino), pearl hoops (Y-Project) and even dragons eating their own tails (Josie Natori). And finally: spherical pendants (Greedilous), Saturn and its rings (Marni) and flat, shiny discs (Armani).

Earrings with round shapes have, of course, started appearing in the stores, too: at Mango‘s (similar to the Balenciaga earrings, but much cheaper), Zara‘s, Asos‘s, & Other Stories‘s but also Maria Francesca Pepe‘s, Cristina Ramella‘s and luxury brand such as Gucci and Simone Rocha. Find our favorites in the gallery!

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