cover camicia righeBlue and white striped shirts are iconic of men’s wardrobes. You can find one in almost any man’s closet, and it works in most situations, formal and informal. It is definitely a must-have for men, and it’s useful for ladies who want to go for effortless elegance. Designers have played with this kind of garment a lot in the last few seasons, transforming it, coming up with a million variations of it, using it as a top, as a dress, and even as a skirt. The results of these experiments are fun and sophisticated, we definitely like them! Do you?

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26 Responses to “Spring 2016 trends: new twists on classic blue & white striped shirts”

  • I love striped shirt,i already have 2, i like cool design of shirt not classic, shirt that you can wear it in different occassion and be effortlessly nice dressed cool and chique!

    An i have to admit that i like it more the old version of your blog cara Chiara, cmq bravissima, bravo per il tuo sucesso!

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