open BORSE IT BAGIt will be by your side in health and sickness; it will comfort you for your umpteenth breakup; it will celebrate the positive result of your exam with you as well as your unexpected and well-deserved promotion. Your best friend will never leave you alone. And when you decide to replace her, she will not take it personal. She will patiently wait to win her place back in your heart when you’ll go back to look for her in your closet. Relax, we are not turning into serial killers…but we must admit we do have an obsession. New season designer bags! If you’re serial collectors like us, and you would give anything to be able to own your beloved IT-bag, here’s our Spring Summer 2016 must-have selection. What’s your favorite? We cannot pick one!

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28 Responses to “Spring Summer 2016 must have handbags for serial IT-bags collectors”

  • It’s a nice post! I have enjoyed my reading.I will comeback again. Thanks!

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  • Excellent bags! I like the Lv and Miu Miu bags!Bags are part and parcel of our daily life. But bag is not only for carrying goods, but also a huge factor of styling. It can enhance our outlook. There are many kinds of bags for different issues. There are some ladies who choose their bags according to body shape. Bags can be different with the need as well. It’s a nice post! I have enjoyed my reading. Thanks!

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  • I absolutely LOVE this collection of bags. A great handbag makes any outfit, and each of these is more unique than the other. Awesome.

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    I’m such a bag person so love love love this post! That Loewe bag is cute but looks too much like Valentino. The Valentino on the other hand is a must have!

    xx Cindy

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