redIf you think the color red just doesn’t work for you, that it is only ok to wear it on some special occasions… Well, Spring Summer 2016 will be the right time to review that statement! We know it can be a challenging color to match at times, and that it will definitely attract the attention, but trust us: if you wear it the right way, it can be very chic. If you go for a total red look, with a dress or a jumpsuit, our style tip is to match that with very natural makeup, and flats. If you just want to include a few splashes of red in your outfit, go for a top, or a skirt, and feel free to get creative with accessories and makeup. Have a look at our selection in the gallery, to discover the coolest red items of Spring-Summer 2016. Which is your favorite?

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    Red has to be one of my favourite colours but I never wear it. After seeing some of the pieces in this post I think it is time to add something red to my wardrobe!


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  • Love wearing splashes of red! These red items are amazing!


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