Talking about shoes, there is one thing we can say out loud: stilettos heels are sexy as hell. And when summer comes, we can’t stop dreaming of legions of stiletto heels sandals magically appearing in our closet, ready to make us feel like queens. In case you are planning to celebrate this summer, as you should – hey, it’s the season we are waiting for all year – you should definitely get yourself one of those amazing pairs. Designers are putting all their creative energy into making the best stilettos right now, and their work was worth it! The result is a large choice of different stilettos styles for every taste. The only problem: we want all of them!

Stiletto-heel sandals with opulent ornaments

Less is more? Not this summer! The purpose of these stiletto sandals is to state quite the contrary. 3D objects, like wings, butterflies, pom poms, fringes or flowers embellish these beauties, on their heels or on their front straps. After setting your eyes on these amazingly embellished sandals you will agree with us, we are sure. And in case you instantly fall in love with one of these pairs, but you are hesitating because you think they are too fancy, stop brooding over that instantly, because the styling rule for fancy shoes is the easiest of all: the crazier the shoe, the simpler the outfit. So just wear them with a little black dress, or with your favorite pair of jeans and a white tee!


Stiletto-heel sandals with knots, ruffles and bows

Pretty woman walking down the street…” You might end up hearing this song quite often if you wear one of these extravagant stiletto heel sandals. With big bows, delicate ruffles and artfully draped knots, they are the incarnation of elegance and femininity. In pastel colors, they evoke ballerina dancing shoes; in brighter colors, they look like a birthday party on your feet. Both versions look great with flared skirts or A-line dresses for a girly look. For a more understated outfit, just wear them with a pair of culotte pants, or your jeans.


Stiletto-heel sandals in pop colors & geometric shapes

If you’re not the romantic kind of girl, these graphic stiletto heel sandals might just be what you were looking for! They don’t only come in bright pop colors, they also come in fascinating geometric shapes. Holes, straight lines, delicate cut-outs, graphic styles, you name it. The result is a stunning shoe, with a dramatic effect and without a trace of kitsch. Since the geometric forms already draw a lot of attention, you’d better keep your outfit plain: avoid patterns and prints, but go for any color you like, because these stilettos are made for color block looks!

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