cover belt bagIn the beginning, it was the fanny pack. A very popular accessory when we were in elementary school, it was already out of everyone’s closet by the time we graduated from high school. Fanny packs were recently spotted again here and there, but without really earning a steady spot in our wardrobes. That was until we discovered fanny packs’ natural, utterly cool evolution into belt bags! Belt bags are a smaller, fancier version of fanny packs, and they are definitely something beautiful we can show off, both during the day and on a night out. TBS tip for styling it best: wear it over your jacket, just like you would with a belt. You can also wear it with a romantic dress: your belt bag will be the small detail that will make you stand out.

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19 Responses to “Belt bags are your new best friends”

  • I need this! Last year I was on a roadtrip wearing my brother’s eastpakbum bag… not beautiful but so practical! And now as the ones you showed beautiful and stylish. Go go!!
    xx Isabelle

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  • I honestly think I will have to invest in this trend. I have seen these at stores like ASOS and Nasty Gal and I have always loved the look, but I love these options that you have in this post. It would look great in so many ways. Great post!

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  • Love this trend!!! Fashionable and easy to use!Great combo! xxx Suzan from

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    Like these. A new take on the old fanny pack but these are much more stylish and belt bag sounds better. 🙂 So convenient when you need a free hand!

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