COVER BAGSMidsummer is already in the past, and even if it’s still the holidays for a lot of us, for anything shopping related, Fall has already started. If you want to treat yourself to something special, to start over with the right energy, why not consider a new it-bag? Fall 2016’s must haves are already in the shops, and a lot of them already won our hearts. Here are the ones we picked for you: which will be the one on your arm when you’re back in town?

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17 Responses to “The it-bags for Fall 2016”

  • I am very happy with the new lines and color combinations all the major brands you featured here have chosen for this new season.
    It is in perfect coordination with the colors we chose for our own collection as well !
    I got the beige and black Prada for myself as well.
    Beautiful post, Chiara !

    Reply to Monica
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