cover sneakers footAmong all the shoe obsessions we’ve heard about in our life (people that never throw the box away, that organize them by brand, heel height, color…), we would have never expected this one. In the diverse world of shoe lovers there are, in fact, many people who love sneakers – nothing strange about this, here at TBS many of us adore them  – and collect them. But they never wear them. And when we say never, we mean not even once: to them, they are collectibles, just like artworks. We found out about this last month, during the The Hottest Month event in London, the annual meeting dedicated to shoe enthusiasts and organized by Footlocker to present the most significant pieces of the collections that will be available in stores worldwide in the upcoming Spring Summer 2016. There to present us trends and special prices, we’ve met some of the world’s most important sneakerheads, who told us all we would have wanted to know but we never dared to ask about sneakers. And most importantly they gave us their collector’s must-have sneakers Top 20. Whether they wear them or not. What about you? How many do you have in your shoe rack?

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25 Responses to “The top 20 sneakers everybody should own”

    loved the Adidas

    Reply to Nadin

    What about some Chuck Taylor All Star Converse? Big classic..

    Reply to Cc

    love adidas and nike!


    Reply to francesca
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