tokyoJapan’s street style is very famous, and let’s be honest: Tokyo is its main symbol. Some TBS Crew members were just in town with Chiara last week. It was a short, intense, and very inspiring trip: we feel that this megacity, and its people, will really have a special spot in our heart. Strolling around the streets of our favorite districts, Harajuku and Shibuya, we saw so many young fashion lovers, and got to watch their colorful mix of disparate styles. What all these styles had in common, whoever or whatever their inspiration was, was the almost obsessive care for detail.

So what are the main characteristics of Tokyo style? If we look at ladies’ street style, we can definitely say that flat shoes are predominant in most outfits, for two reasons: they are convenient, and they match the usually rather oversized cut of a lot of clothing. The most striking women in Tokyo have a defined, very self-assured style.They manage to be feminine, with an androgynous touch; their sense of style is most definitely minimalist and clean, also thanks to the use of neutral colors. The defining touch here seems to be choice of accessories — they seem to be the key to the Tokyo look. Have a look at our gallery to see some street style photos, and discover clothes and accessories for Spring Summer 2016. What do you think? Sayonara!

Streetstyle photos from Style Arena.

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