Have you ever seen a teacher in her classroom, dressed in Balenciaga total look? What about Rihanna, standing on the Pope balcony with her Met Gala 2018 outfit? If you want to see many more situations like that, you only need to go to Instagram and start to follow @siduations! We’re talking about an Instagram account followed by many fashion maniacs, where runway looks or advertising outfits are placed in situations that are so common in the everyday life to seem absurd. Sidney Prawatyotin, the mind behind these fashion collages, said that this a way to push the fashion system not to take everything so seriously, but also to spend some time to think about important issues. Do you want to know more about it? Read our interview with Sidney, then!



When and why did you start @siduations ?

Siduations started in February 2017, a couple of years after I moved from New York City to Los Angeles with my husband. In NYC, I worked in the fashion industry, most recently as a fashion publicist, but I assumed many roles in the creative field prior – fashion designer, stylist, etc. When I moved to LA, I wanted to do something different. I’ve always loved the storytelling aspect of fashion, whether it be from collections or editorials. I wanted to create my own stories with these fashion collages, so I started to Siduations. It’s a mix between my name Sidney and the word “situations”. Get it?


Today you have more than 80k followers on Instagram. Did you expect that?

I didn’t expect people to be drawn to the account. Though the images may seem absurd, I think people relate to them because the situations are common in our real lives. Here’s an example: I made a picture of Gisele Bundchen from Versace advertising campaign, on a bus. Many followers found it hilarious. My question is: why not? It could really happen!


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What does inspire you when you create your collages?

I’m inspired by many things: art, film, music, politics, and, of course, fashion. My followers are also a great source for ideas and inspiration. They’re always sending me pictures or headlines that could make a great Siduations. During the Pride Month, for example, many followers sent me many photos of Cara Delevingne from last Burberry fashion show, where she wore a rainbow fur coat. I couldn’t resist!


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You created a fashion meme also with a picture of our dearest Chiara Ferragni! When you create a picture, what guides you to choose a character or another?

Anyone can be a character of my “siduations”. Giovanna Battaglia is a regular in my posts. Though I respect her work, its more about what she represents visually. Street-style photographers like Phil Oh and Tommy Ton usually captures her in a natural, funny, almost imperfect light. Her outfits, as well, are so colourful and eccentric. I think that my followers love to see glamour, fun and daily but quirky situations in my posts.


Band Loyalty ⚡️#chiaraferragni #acdc #siduations

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What about their reactions to your posts?

The feedback I receive varies. Most find them funny, while a few, unfortunately, think they are insulting. My intention is never to offend, I just want to bring the fantasy of fashion into the so-called real world.



Do you remember a particular post that made you think about?

There’s a collage I did starring Bella Hadid in a nursing centre, wearing a striped dress from Jason Wu’s SS 2018 show. The dress reminded me of a candy striper, which is a volunteer nurse, so I placed her next to an old woman in a nursing home who looks in pain. When I posted it, I received a few comments saying that I was cruel. Others, instead, told me I was making people realize senior citizens need help, too. Regardless, I appreciate and respect all the comments. It helps me see my work in a different light.



It seems you’re using these fashion memes to make people think about serious issues, like USA politics, civil rights, environment safety…

As I said before, I didn’t create @siduations to mock fashion world. I use it to make people think about all the aspects of our lives. They could be serious, but funny as well. For example, I posted Kim Kardashian embracing the Kaws x Baby Dior doll aside a crying girl. To me, it illustrates the extremes some people will go through to own one of the season’s most coveted items.



Let’s talk about the latest fashion shows. Have you already decided to do some fashion collages about the new menswear and haute couture collections?

I have so many ideas for Fall 2018 Haute Couture. Have you seen Guido Palau’s hairstyling for Valentino? So MAJOR! Mens’ shows, in general, don’t inspire me as much. I don’t know why that is. I feel women take more risks than men. However, I was very excited to see debut collections from Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton and Kim Jones at Dior Homme.


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What about @siduations’ future?

I would love to collaborate more, whether it be with brands, publications, or artists. There’s only so much I can do alone, so a collaboration is like taking a holiday from myself. Ideally, I would like to move away from photoshop, and into creative directing shoots. Until I have enough money to hire my own crew, the collages will do for now.



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