Are you a fan of the Nineties? You’ll be happy to know that something from that decade is trending right now. But don’t expect to see again all those skinny sunglasses we wore this summer pretty much every day. We’re talking about sportswear sunglasses, and especially cycling shadesOakley, Alpina, Carrera… Are you ready to discover all the coolest eyewear brands from the Nineties? Stay tuned on The Blonde Salad if you want to know why these shades are on everyone’s lips.



Oakley on Vetements and Alexander Wang’s catwalk

Sportswear sunglasses will definitely be the 2019 fashion obsession. Why are we so sure about it? Because they starred in some of the coolest spring-summer 2019 fashion shows. We’re talking about an iconic eyewear brand like Oakley. Its cycling shades became so popular in the Nineties among fashionistas that the brand decided to create a more fashionable line.


Alexander Wang and Vetements are the latest designer brands to partner with Oakley, and we’re going to see these shades pretty much everywhere next spring-summer 2019. Wang customized the lenses with the motif of the USA flag, while Vetements opted for studs.

After seeing them on the runway, many fashionistas decided to bring back this trend even on the streets. Could our dearest Chiara Ferragni not resist to them? Of course not! In one of her latest summer outfits, she wore a pair of Oakley mirror-lensed cycling shades.

Our queen Chiara isn’t the only celebrity obsessed by Oakleys. From Dua Lipa to Rita Ora, many fashion icons wore their favourite shades on stage, on the street or on a yacht. They’re amazing with every kind of outfit, from sporty to refined ones. But if you want to follow this trend, you must remember something: don’t wear them, if you want to go unnoticed! Mirror lenses and neon details really draw attention!

Sportswear sunglasses brand to keep an eye on

The coolest sportswear sunglasses? We can find some useful suggestions straight from our beloved celebrities’ outfits. Kim Kardashian, for Louis Vuitton menswear show last June, wore a pair of vintage sunglasses designed by Alpina, a sportswear eyewear brand. At the same event, Bella Hadid matched to her total red look Nike sunglasses with transparent frames and yellow lenses. In one of the most appreciated Gigi Hadid’s street style looks (yes, that one with the iconic Fendi X Fila T-shirt), she wore a pair of Westward Leaning‘s blue shades.

Couldn’t we take some inspiration from our Instagram feed, as well? Looking through our fave fashion influencers’ accounts, we are seeing how mask sunglasses are really trending. Take a look at the Carrera mirror-lensed mask worn by Tiffany Hsu and Gilda Ambrosio‘s latest spectacles from Area.




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