Street style, in the latest 10 years, completely changed the fashion industry. And since the breakout of social networks, especially Instagram, street style photos are a constant inspiration for our daily outfits. Cassity Rae Ariete, the stylist behind Instagram account streetstyled, everyday collects the best of street style from all over the world. We asked her something about her work in this interview.


Photo by Adam / @le21eme

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Why did you create Streetstyled Instagram account?

@Streestyled is a curated collection of photographs from many talented people. Before Instagram was around, I was always inspired by the work of Scott Schuman who created “The Sartorialist” and Garance Doré, a French photographer who is also on my top list. I was amazed by their work and how they captured the people in streets; I believe that’s how it all started. Seeing their work really inspired me and wanted to share them.


How streetstyle influence you in your work as a stylist?

The pieces that are being worn by people are the best part of the photo. A lot of them have very different styles. Seeing garments on different people influences me to combine them as one and create a look.


How do you think streetstyle has changed through the years, especially since Instagram breakout?

If you’re talking about the looks, in my opinion, street style has changed so much through out the years because of what are seen on social media. From what I have observed lately, people just follow trends. Unique looks are so rare nowadays.


Photo by Joanna / @joannatotolici

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Which are the best 3 Instagram streestyle account to follow?

The Sartorialist, Man Repeller/Leandra Medine, Stevie Dance.

Who are the best street style icons now?

In my opinion, Leandra Medine, Ursina Gysi, who is a stylist, Hanne Gaby and Veronica Heilbrunner.


@adwoaaboah. Photo by Adam / @le21eme

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Who are the most influential brands and designers right now?

I think the most influential brands today are Gucci, Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, Off-White, Louis Vuitton and Raf Simons.


Which are the trends we’ll see in 2018?
I see a lot of androgynous style, masculine combined with feminine pieces. Leather trench coats are coming back. Everybody seems to love chunky shoes, the Balenciaga 3S trainers are everywhere! Belt bags have also made it to that list. I think puffer jackets—long/cropped are still good pieces. Also contrasting colors patterns and tracksuits.

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