In spring, every (sunny) weekend is good for a weekend getaway. But every time we travel, we always have to face the same problem: how to pack the perfect suitcase? Usually, the bare minimum is not aligned to our desire to be cool in every situation and to style memorable outfits, even during our vacations. Luckily, The Blonde Salad is here to show you which are the perfect clothes and accessories for a TBS style suitcase!


The suitcase

For a really cool weekend getaway, the suitcase needs to be cool as much as the clothes and accessories it carries. An ordinary trolley, maybe a little creased, is not the right solution for you, at all. For your seaside or mountain vacations, the one and only TBS style suitcase in Mandarina Duck X The Blonde Salad trolley! With its transparent shell, adorned by funny patches, and its TBS logo customized linen, it’s so into our mood. Plus, it’s perfect for your plane travels: thanks to its size, you can take it with you on the aircraft!

A beach bag

These are the right days to spend some time at the beach. Even if the water is still a bit cold, it’s impossible to resist the temptation to take our first dip in the sea of the season. The most amazing outfit for a day at the beach? A swimsuit, a towel, some sun protection… hidden in our best straw bag! You can’t miss the Cuccumia X The Blonde Salad bag, an handmade straw satchel customized with Amo and Ciao lettering. For the beach, you should carry the big version, while the smaller one is great for your strolling on the boardwalk!

 A hoodie

Even in the hottest day, cold is always in ambush. You can catch a bad cold with just some air conditioning or an unexpected wind, and you can ruin your desired vacation. You don’t want that, of course. So remember to pack in your suitcase a hoodie, the right one to warm you but also to give some sporty-chic touch to your outfits. The best solution? “Our” The Blonde Salad cropped hoodie! With our logo, you’ll be aligned to the TBS way of life!

A mini skirt and a T-shirt for a casual outfit

Will you sacrifice your coolness for a comfortable outfit? No way! Even when we’re strolling around to visit museums and tourist attractions, we can always be casual and cool at the same time. Actually, this is how The Blonde Salad does it! A mini skirt and a Tee: is there a coolest outfit ever? The Vicolo X The Blonde Salad denim skirt, available in six colours, is perfect to spice up your looks during your holiday trips. Its perfect match? A T-shirt that can express your mood at your best. If you are incurable romantic, Sep T-shirt X The Blonde Salad Cinderella Tee is certainly what you need. If you feel like a true fashion icon, don’t miss the T-shirts dedicated to ’90 supermodels by Local Heroes X The Blonde Salad: the ultimate fashion piece to channel your inner Cindy or Naomi!


Having some relax time on the seaside under the hot sun? For many, that’s so boring. According to them, a weekend getaway means strolling around from a museum to a castle, from a cathedral to an art exhibition. If you love to walk (again, and again, and again), your feet need the most The Blonde Salad style sneakers on Earth. You’re lucky, because you can have them straight from our e-shop: Stau X The Blonde Salad sneakers embody so well our queen Chiara Ferragni mantra, “Love Fiercely”… the perfect shoes to make you feel part of the TBS universe!


The most fashionable shoes in 2018? Combat boots, absolutely. With their super strong mood, they’re perfect to spice up, with a fierce attitude, even the most feminine and romantic looks. They can be matched with a vichy printed dress or with a vynil mini skirt: they will always be able to give an energetic vibe to your outfits. Our latest crush are Madame Cosette X The Blonde Salad boots, available in black or bordeaux patent. We’re sure you’ll become addicted to them like us!

A dress and a clutch for the night

A weekend getaway, sometimes, is the right moment to celebrate something important, like an anniversary, a birthday or an event to remember… that’s why we have to find some space in our suitcase for the most amazing outfit for a night out. The poshest and coolest outfit in the ultimate TBS style is the Revise Concept X The Blonde Salad Malena dress, matched to the Escudama X The Blonde Salad silver clutch: a match made in heaven!


Choose the right shoes to pack in your suitcase for a weekend getaway: a real dilemma! If we can’t do without our fav casual shoes, indeed we can’t forget some gorgeous sandals for our most special outfits. Ouigal X The Blonde Salad sandals are the ultimate summer must have: with their squared but slimmed heel, they’re wonderful matched to posh outfits, but also to more casual ones!

A sparkling jewel

This summer imperative is: shine on! And we can’t forget this rule also in our relax time. A super sparkling accessory is what our looks need to be aligned to the latest fashion trends. Don’t forget, then, to take a crystal choker with you. That’s the coolest jewel of the moment! We won’t forget to put in out jewellery box the Femarjo X The Blonde Salad rainbow choker, a gorgeous bijoux to light up our outfits with a lively, yet hyper-shining, attitude!


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