Is your credit card still alive after these weekend sales? Then you must give another chance for your shopping. On The Blonde Salad, there’s a further markdown on so many items, and especially T-shirts! We have plenty of beautiful, funny and super cool tees, that you can purchase here on #shoptheblondesalad. Are you ready to unleash the shopping addicted inside you?


Summer 2018 T-shirts: logomania!

2018 is the year of the logo: from tacky detail to the main focus of so many spring-summer 2018 collections! Couldn’t we say something about this trend? Of course yes! Goolp, the website dedicated to gadgets and design, helped us to create our TBS logo T-shirt, with the funniest lettering of the Internet!

Summer 2018 T-shirts: Nineties vibes!

The most fashionable decade of the summer? The nineties! If you’re addicted to them, and you would like to surprise your followers with a cool T-shirt, you can take advantage of our summer clearance and shop one of our Local Heroes X The Blonde Salad tee! Channel your inner Naomi or Cindy, spread out your 90s passion: they’re for sale at half the price!

Summer 2018 T-shirts: the tee for Instagram addicted!

Is Instagram the very first app you look at when you get up in the morning and the last one you check before going to bed? Well, we have the diagnosis: you’re affected by Instagram mania! That’s a pretty contagious disease! There are so many things to do on this social network: like, comment, regram, direct…  So much Instagram to do, and so little time! That’s the story of our lives. If this is your motto as well, you need to shop immediately Hammers Hill X The Blonde Salad capsule collection! Another reason why you should buy it? Because it’s 50% off!

Summer 2018 T-shirts: tees for foodies!

Noodles or french fries? That’s a very hard choice. The Blonde Salad knows it very well, that’s why this fabulous e-store is selling tees dedicated to these dishes at half the price! The ultimate capsule collection for foodies is Keur Paris X The Blonde Salad: if you can’t resist the temptation to take ten to fifteen pictures to your dishes before eating them, then you really should take a look to our beautiful tees!

Summer 2018 T-shirts: fairy-tale sales… literally!

Once upon a time… there was an online store with so many incredible sales! For your fairy-tale shopping, you really need a fairy-tale T-shirt! Thanks to Sep T-shirt X The Blonde Salad capsule collection, we dedicated a tee to all our favourite tales’ heroines, that went immediately sold out! Only Little Red Riding Hood is left. You don’t want to leave her alone, don’t you?

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